AKG Social Media FAQ

What is the social media in AKG like?


This is what it was like for our premiere production of A Killing Game in DC, December 2012. However: we changed it pretty significantly for AKG for version "2.0" which launched at Cincy Fringe in May/June 2013. Here's an example from our Capital Fringe dress rehearsal on July 9, 2013. You can visit d&pdc's Storify page for an archive of all the Twitter stories.

What hashtag should I follow?


The hashtag for this show is #KillingGame. Capitalization doesn't count. Remember: if you don't include the hashtag, anyone following it during the show won't be able to see your Tweet. Including all the characters who are tweeting.

You may have to pull down to refresh your timeline in the mobile version of Twitter. And if you have an option of "Top Tweets" or "All"... select All.

What character handles can I follow?


Every character named in the program for A Killing Game has a Twitter handle. They all start with the same formula: an @ sign and two underscores. The color characters also have a single underscore between their title and name (e.g. Mr[underscore]Blue.

You can follow any or all of them just by clicking on the links below. (Don't worry: the links are set to open in a new tab.)








You can also follow these characters as well:



And might as well double-check that you are following @dogandponydc while you're at it!


Will there be WiFi?


Yes. Ask one of your friendly neighborhood dog or pony when you arrive at the performance venue. She or he will hook you up!

For our performances at Round House Theater Silver Spring, look for "rhtwifi" and the password is "fame2345."

Can I Tweet from my non-smartphone?

Totally! More information can be found on Twitter's website.

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